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  • Hole #1

    A drive to the left or center of fairway beyond the large pine to the right will give an excellent approach to the green. A tee shot to the right will provide for difficult shots all the way to the hole. The green plays hard and fast, so hitting your approach shy of the green may work best. Big trouble to the left of the green. Par is a great score here.

  • Hole #2

    The longest of the par 3s, this is a birdie opportunity if you can avoid the trees along the left of the fairway. Watch the flag for wind direction as this will affect your planning.

  • Hole #3

    The obvious choice here is also the right choice: stay between the fairway bunkers on both sides. It is better to be right than to be left on your tee shot. A large green that plays straight can yield a birdie here if your 2nd shot is true..

  • Hole #4

    A long straight par 5 once you get off the tee. Stay a bit left on your drive and you should have a straight approach. Long hitters should be able to reach the green in two. The bunkers are not easy to escape. A par is a good score here.

  • Hole #5

    Here is where a slice for right-handed hitters can come in handy. The fairway dog legs right over the hill. A straight and true tee shot may end up in the rough. Long hitters may be able to cut the corner and get close to the green. This green plays slow, so plan accordingly.

  • Hole #6

    This par 3 is an ace opportunity for a straight tee shot. The green slopes up from front to back and if you avoid the birches on the left, landing on the green is very doable.

  • Hole #7

    The most difficult hole on the course, this par 4 should see your drive land on the right hand side of the fairway to avoid a difficult downhill lie on your second shot. The two-tiered green presents challenges once you arrive and a par here will make your day.

  • Hole #8

    A good tee shot will give many golfers a chance at landing on the green in two even though the green is not visible. Avoiding the trees that line the right hand side of the rough is crucial. The green slants from back to front, so being below the pin is the key to your chances at a par or birdie here.

  • Hole #9

    The second par 5 on the front gives all golfers an opportunity to clear water. Staying left will better the chances of having a 2nd shot from the fairway. This hole gives an opportunity to let 'er rip. A birdie is possible here if your first two shots are true. Avoid the bunker to the right and the fairway bunkers to the left. A large green makes your approach shot more demanding.

  • Hole #10

    A long hilly par 5 opens up to some great views as you crest the first hill, but keep focused to avoid the bunker on the left. A two-tiered green makes planning your approach shot a must. A par here is a good score.

  • Hole #11

    A long hilly par 5 opens up to some great views as you crest the first hill, but keep focused to avoid the bunker on the left. A two-tiered green makes planning your approach shot a must. A par here is a good score.

  • Hole #12

    You can really open it up for the first shot on this par 4. Your second shot may very well have a down hill lie, but it is more forgiving here than on the previous hole. Be careful to not go over the green as the next tee deck is just beyond. This green plays true, so the pin placement should not affect your putting strategy.

  • Hole #13

    The shortest of the par 3s at Newport Country Club, but its openness is deceptive. A large green with a lot of open space all around it. Landing on the green is no guaranty of a birdie opportunity as the pin placement will determine your chances.

  • Hole #14

    This par 4 demands using more club than you normally would use. Driving anywhere on the fairway will get you a good second shot to the large, elevated green. The rough on the right will be easier to play than the downhill lie in the left rough. Coming away with par will be very satisfying.

  • Hole #15

    The signature hole with the view of South Bay and Jay Peak may distract you, but focusing on the landing area to the right side of the fairway will give you the best opportunity to get to the green in regulation. Watch for the sign at the green which warns you if the group ahead of you is holing out. The big X means wait. A straight, lofting second shot is your best bet here as the hill may help get you to the green. A big score is likely here if your tee shot goes sour.

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  • Hole #16

    This short par 4 has the draw of the lake. Take more club than you think you need. Clearing all of the hazards in the first 150 yards is a must. Getting to the green in two is possible, but not if your club selection is poor.

  • Hole #17

    The final par 3 has a big green guarded by bunkers. Although you may get lucky hitting the hill to the right and go between the bunkers to the green, the best approach is the straight approach. A birdie is very makeable here.

  • Hole #18

    The last par 5 will bring some of the most scenic views of the Newport Country Club into play. Your tee shot should head toward the cell tower. If you crest the hill on your drive, you can really open up on your second shot. Threading the needle between the bunkers to the green is easier done from the center of the fairway. A par here will make your round even more satisfying.

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