Newport Country Club Committees 2017 Season

Clubhouse: Chair Kevin Kincaid; Members: Noble  Francoeur, Joyce Shee, Chris Clements, Andy Haase

Course: Chair Mike Murphy; Members: Bill Heanue, Brian Fletcher, 

Finance: Chair Joyce Shee; Kevin Kincaid, Mike Murphy, Chris Clements, Pat Vana
Handicap/Rules/Bylaws: Chair Brian Fletcher; Members: Marte Rhodes, Pat Vana

Newport Youth Golf Association: Chairwoman Marte Rhodes; Deb Vacca, Sue Antonelli, Betsy Curtis, Marie George, Sara McKenny

Long Range: Chairman Brian Fletcher; Members: Bill Heanue, Brian Fletcher, Kevin Kincaid

Marketing/Membership: Chairman Joyce Shee; Members: Pat Vana, Chris Clements, Andy Haase 

Nominating: Chairman: Marte Rhodes; Members: Brian Fletcher, Joyce Shee

Personnel: Chairman Noble Francoeur; Members: Bill Heanue, Marte Rhodes, Mike Murphy 

Tournament: Chairman  Brian Fletcher: Members: Noble Francoeur, Andy Hasse, Marte Rhodes
All committees are made of elected board members and club members. The board is always actively seeking members to serve on the committees.